BBQ burger
Mézes-mustáros csirkeburger
Házi pesztós édesburgonyaburger (hm)*
Fetás-rukkolás tekercs (hm)
Roppanós-humuszos tekercs (hm,tm)*
Keleties vöröslencsekrémes tekercs (hm,tm)*
Étcsokis-mogyorós golyó (tojásmentes)
Fügés energiagolyó (v)*
Sárgabarackos-levendulás granolagolyó (v – méz)
Min. rendelési mennyiség: 25 db / íz


Sós-citromos fetakrém (gsz, hm)
Keleties vöröslencsekrém (gsz, v)
Céklás humusz (gsz,v)
Zöldfűszeres zöldborsókrém (gsz,v)
Magvas dán kréker (v)*
Kovászchips (v)

Kencéinket zöldséghasábokkal és házi
(igény szerint “mentes”) krékerrel kínáljuk.
Min. rendelési mennyiség 5 adag / íz


Grillezett kecskesajtos-citrusos árpasaláta (v)
Zöldbabos színes árpasaláta (v)
Sült édesburgonyás saláta zöldekkel, pirított magvakkal (gsz,v)
Min. rendelési mennyiség: 5 adag / íz

Frissen préselt zöldség- és gyümölcslé
Prémium palackozott kávé: cold brew, jeges latte
Kézműves sör
Min. rendelési mennyiség: 10 adag / íz

gsz – gluténszegény (alapanyagaiban glutént nem tartalmaz), hm – húsmentes, tm – tejmentes, tojásmentes – tojásmentes, v – vegán
*-gal jelölt termékeink készülhetnek “mentes” verzióban, mely nálunk gluténszegény és vegán opciót jelent.



Áraink BRUTTÓ összegek (kiszállítás nélkül)
darabszám/íz 0-24 db 25-49 db 50-99 db 100 + db
Ár (Ft)/db 285 Ft 260 Ft 235 Ft
Falatka box

EGYÉNENKÉNT CSOMAGOLT FALATKA BOX ÁRAINK – részletek a Falatkák fülön, min. rendelési mennyiség: 5 box

Áraink BRUTTÓ összegek (kiszállítás nélkül)
darabszám 0-4 db 5-15 db 16-25 db 26 + db
Ár (Ft)/db 3990 Ft 3850 Ft 3550 Ft


Kencék, zöldséghasábbal, házi krékerrel, PLA csomagolásban: 750 Ft/adag
Színes saláták, favillával, PLA csomagolásban: 890 Ft/adag
Frissen préselt gyümölcs- és zöldséglevek, PLA palackban: 890 Ft/adag
Prémium cold brew, jeges latte növényi tejjel: 990 Ft/adag



Budapesten egységesen 3500 Ft/cím. Agglomerációs kiszállításért kérd egyedi ajánlatunkat.


Akik már rendeltek tőlünk.

They said about us.

"If "soul food" had a healthy equivalent, it would be them. Delicious, healthy and very filling. It's a rare combo. It raises the mood with a view and taste at events or other social gatherings. People love it because it brings the company together. In fact, I'd like to order a whole box just for myself 😀."


"As a company, as a private citizen- I'm a fan of everything! We've worked together on a santa package from a big company, ordered snacks from them for our own team-building training, tasted most of their offerings, and I've never been disappointed. In fact, I've always been surprised! In the face of their experimentation and perfectionism, the guarantee is that they will always give you the best."


"We were very happy when we found each other with the Fourbites girls. At Brigde Budapest we have many events, which are very easy to organize so that we can have maximum confidence in the service of Fourbites. The food is always amazingly delicious, collaboration and communication are always easy, and it's just icing on the cake that even protecting our environment is just as important to both of us. We can only recommend them!"


"It's filling, aesthetically pleasing, and what's really important to us women is not fattening. It's kind of a "can't stop" kind of thing. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a unique, modern and delicious catering, whether sweet or salty, for birthdays, weddings, conferences, any event. 5*, Anna"


"We ordered snacks for a family event. Broccoli quinoamuffins and BBQ burgers. Both were tasty, but the absolute favorite,for the small and large alike, the miniburger was. Fast and accurate delivery and healthy, delicious snacks! I highly recommend it to everyone."


"In preparation for the wedding, there was no question that we would ask four-bites girls to prepare meals. As well as being incredibly delicious, fresh and filling, they have a wide range of flavour combinations and only work from healthy ingredients, so our lactose-intolerant or vegetarian friends don't have to give up on this experience! It's easy to work with them because they're accurate and they always tailor their offer to the customer's needs, and they do so with an unfathomable enthusiasm."


"Very tasty, inventive, small bites, made only with healthy ingredients and delicious. Who's healthy, right? You don't have to be afraid here, because they'll tell you what it's made of. It's a further goodness that your hands stay clean afterwards, and you have to be very good at getting your clothes off."


"I've had the pleasure of tasting these simple but still special snacks several times, so we decided to provide the guests at our wedding with healthy delicacies."


"We used four bites during our company event. The order is very smooth, the delivery is accurate, the serving is tasteful and the food was very tasty. Thank you for your professional work on the Four Bites team!"

White Summers Law Firm

"For corporate events, we were looking for an alternative that goes beyond the sandwich-pizza combo and that's how we found Four Bites. We wanted to be able to put not only filling, but also trendy and delicious snacks on the tables at the same time. Well, we got everything we were looking for, everyone was gone and back from the snacks."


"Thank you so much for your work. The miniburger was magical! It's been a long time since I've had anything this delicious, and the others have just confirmed it. :)"


"Not only healthy, but also delicious, not only stylish, but also crafty. We recommend them to everyone if they want something special for small and very events."