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Here you can see a pinch of our repertoire of altogether more than 70 types of bites. We change what we offer based on seasons and your needs – to get to know the new flavours, come back to our website or subscribe to the newsletter at the bottom of the page!

Pancake rolls

Thin pancakes made of oatmeal with a wide range of fillings. We care about everyone: meat lovers, vegetarians, gourmets and the ones with a sweet tooth can all find something for their taste.

Salty, meaty:
  • chicken curry
  • Bolognese
  • ham and homemade pesto
Salty, meatless:
  • spinach-bryndza
  • greek salad
  • carrot-ginger
  • fruit salad
  • “túró rudi”
  • apple-cinnamon
Pancake rolls


We make both salty and sweet balls. The former are made with a brown rice base in different flavours with and without meat; the latter are made with a mascarpone or cottage cheese base with fresh and dried fruits.

Rice balls:
  • spring
  • chicken - orange
  • dried tomatoes and smoked cheese
Dessert balls:
  • muesli, fruits and cottage cheese
  • chestnut
  • coffee and cottage cheese

Mini hamburgers

Our mini hamburgers are special, because everything in them is handmade: also the buns, from oatmeal. We bring you the flavours of the original-sized hamburgers, just in bites.

  • with barbecue sauce
  • with herbs mix
  • with honey and mustard
  • with veggie burger instead of meat burger, with any of the above sauces
Mini hamburgers

Mini muffins

Don’t expect our mini muffins to be the same as traditional muffins: these are ambitious combinations of flavours in both salty and sweet variations. Their filling dominates the taste instead of the oatmeal dough.

  • camembert-cranberries
  • ham and herbs
  • choco-chilli
  • choco-lemon
  • strawberry-banana
Mini muffins


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