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Fanni and Berni, the Four Bites founders

We both knew the case when we had nothing but pastries to soothe our hunger with on hasty days – because there is nothing else as quickly eatable. Nothing, which we can reach as quickly, is simple and filling just like pastries; but is also healthy and comes in combinable flavours. We thought this is not just a problem to solve for ourselves.

While having a spontaneous glass of wine, Berni sketched her business idea to Fanni, who as a response immediately started to think of food types to use and the ways to create them in an appealing yet economical form. We thus combined these two different but complementary mindsets to start our creative-effective-cheerful business.


design & creation

I’ve been moving towards entrepreneurship for a while, out of desire for independence and setting high targets, which I can reach for myself. Then a great deal of hospitality, creativity and gourmet taste soon defined which direction to take as an entrepreneur... And what made me move towards Berni? A many-year friendship, trust and knowing that we never ever get bored of each other (:
Fanni, Four Bites founder


business & creation

Creating new things and meeting interesting ideas, people and challenges is in my blood. I like that in the kitchen, nothing sets borders to creation and you also get the most honest feedback there.
There is no better motivation than becoming an entrepreneur in what I love to do; and I couldn’t have found a better partner than Fanni for this!
Berni, Four Bites founder

Bites made by Four Bites


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